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spinal crush
Spiral Crush releases new song "Magnum"


An infusion of rock from yesterday and today with a blast of lyrical grit and honesty. Spiral Crush is obliterating the air waves with their new song "Magnum".

Recently performing with the Dead Daises, the Michigan based band is no stranger to the rock music industry. With a multitude of performances at the Machine Shop for heavy hitting headliners (and headling shows of their own), Spiral Crush does one thing for certain, hook listeners with it's addictive sound. An honest 1980's/1990's vibe from guitar riffs and raw vocals, Spiral Crush draws the audiences with their habit forming hooks. No gimmicks, no smoke screens, just pure, unadulterated rock music.

Band members:
Shaun Smail - Vocals/Guitar
Scott Smail - Drums
Jim McCammon - Bass


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