Now playing on Labgate Radio alternative Rock and Grunge – Constellation and we should be better by Damned if you don’t

damned if you dont

Damned If I Don’t is a Hong Kong-based Alternative Rock band with a sonically diverse sound. Each member of the band hails from a different continent, contributing to the band’s global sound through a universal language of music, with emotionally-charged and relatable songs that leave a long-lasting impression on their fans.

Hong Kong born drummer Jon Kin has been taught by legendary educators in drumming, such as: Dom Famularo, Thomas Lang, Chris Brien and Stephane Chamberland respectively. Bassist Simon Whitmore studied contemporary popular music specialising in bass guitar performance at the Academy of Contemporary Music in Surrey, England. Talented New Zealand born guitarist Rob Mills augments the band's sound with his unique playing. Completing the line-up is South African born singer and guitarist Daniel Stacey Herber, a musician with a lifetime love of rock music.

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