Now playing on Labgate Radio Hard Rock – One Fix, Nine Clouds & Six Feet Deep from Strigampire

Cover - One Fix, Nine Clouds _ Six Feet Deep
Created in 2001, Strigampire has been recognized over the years for their eloquence and the energy coming out from each of their frantic live performancres. This same intensity allowed them to share the stage with international bands, such as Dark Tranquility, Krisiun, Belphegor, Cannibal Corpse, Misery Index, Deskpised Icon and many more. Ater the release of two demos "the hike of life" (2007) and "Promo (2008)", Strigampire put out their first album in 2009, "Where torments Drown which was well received by both the public and the critics. Unfortunately, line up problems slow down the band but despite it all, they went ahead with the release of "The Merry-Go-Round" in 2012. An EP sho cases 3 tracks of their album to come, but before the final composition of the disc, the band was overtaken by demons of their past, and lead them to a dissolution in 2013. Still with the passion remaining inside of them, the 2 founding members met again in 2016. They surrounded themselves with new energy: 3 talented and dedicated musicians with whom chemistry is incomparable. They stormed the year 2017 by making a notable comeback on stage. Having lost none of their intensity, Strigampire, went to the "Omnium du Rock" competition and was one of the top 5 finalist where 125 other bands played across Quebec. In addition, the members sign their first record deal in March of the same year, under the PRC Music label. They entered in the studio in November and present in early 2018, the notorious "Stand & Resist", the first single of their new album "One Fix, Nine Clouds & Six Feet Deep" who has been available since the 23rd of March. This was followed by a series of concerts through the province of Quebec. Strigampire aims in 2019 to spread the new sound of extreme rock on a global scale.

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